Standings & Results

Current Season

League is currently inactive.

League season runs for 4 months.  A season-ending tournament with each Division takes place during the last few weeks of the season to determine the Division Champion.

How Standings and Results are Calculated

The standings list the overall match result as well as game points earned by players.  Overall match result:  +1 for a match win; -1 for a match loss.  Games Points:  the total number of points earned by the player, opponent, and net point differential.

Example:  Martina Jones versus John Smith:  15-6; 10-15; 11-8.  Martina wins the match and earns +1 to her match standings.  Martina earned 36 game points (15+10+11) and John earned 29 game points (6+15+8).  Martina’s net game points is +6.